How much does it cost to charter a motor yacht in Mazury?

Prices for motor yacht charters in Mazury range from 200 to over 3600 PLN per day. They depend on several factors, such as engine power, year of production, hull length, number of people on board, or cabins in case of larger vessels. The price can also be influenced by the equipment of the boat, as well as the range of additional services offered. And if you are looking for a yacht that you can rent without a patent, check our offer in the category houseboat, which you can charter from 325 PLN per day. Please note that prices can also vary during peak season, when Masuria is at its most popular. So come on board with Click&Boat and have an amazing adventure with your family or friends!

Patent-free charter

Don't have a patent and license needed to operate a motor yacht in Masuria? Nothing lost! Thanks to Click&Boat you can continue to enjoy a carefree and blissful relaxation on board or go water skiing by choosing to rent with a professional helmsman. And if you want to drive your boat yourself, there's the option of houseboat charter, which doesn't require a license. Take the helm and feel the joy of cruising around Mazury!


Riscover the Masurian trails and lakes

The largest lake in the Land of a Thousand Lakes is Sniardwy. There are as many as eight islands. Czarci Ostrów is one of them. If you choose to rent a motor boat, you can easily sail to it to see the remains of ancient fortifications. Treasure hunters may be interested in this islet, because, according to legends, the Devil's treasure was buried on the island. Niegocin is the third largest lake in Masuria. It is located south of Gizycko, where you can easily find the perfect motorboat charter, but not only. Many marinas in the area provide sailing yachts and motor yachts.

Explore the Masurian canal network

Fans of water recreation especially appreciate Masuria's network of canals. They connect the local lakes with each other, creating a vast, about 150 km long navigation route from Ogonek (near Węgorzewo) to Ruciane-Nida. The canals make it possible to overcome land gaps between the lakes, and the system of locks makes it possible to level the water levels and sail uninterruptedly between the basins. What is more, if you head from Roś Lake to Pisa River, you can get to the Vistula River and from there straight toBaltic Sea. This incredibly effective system of canals was created in the 19th century, mainly for economic purposes. Nowadays it mainly pleases boat enthusiasts.

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Attractions of the Land of a Thousand Lakes

The Gizycko itself features attractions such as the Boyen Fortress and a former Teutonic castle. Cruising south through Niegocin, you can reach Ryn or Mikołajki. In Ryn, in the former Teutonic castle, not long ago an atmospheric and elegant hotel was built. Mikolajki is the sailing capital of Masuria, especially in high season. Taking a course north from Gizycko, through the Gizycko Channel, you can sail out on Lake Kisajno to the atmospheric Sztynort and on to Węgorzewo. If you navigate to that side of Masuria, you can also moor at the Mamerki bunkers, which are available for sightseeing, or on Lake Dobskie by the island of cormorants, which once inhabited it in great numbers.

Get a taste of Masuria

In addition to beautiful sights, you can also enjoy the taste sensations in Masuria. The local cuisine is based on natural regional products and of course, fresh fish from the Masurian lakes. This is the best place to try fried perch or burbot. Smoked eels and whitefish, as well as Masurian meats straight from local smokehouses are also a real treat.

Discover the charms of Warmia and Mazury

If you love Masuria, be sure to also check out the other towns and villages in Warmia-Mazury. Apart from the Land of a Thousand Lakes it is also worth visiting Olsztyn with its 16 nearby lakes, ideal for sailing and motor yacht charters. Among the largest are Lake Ukiel, commonly known as Krzywe, Kortowskie and Track. When in Olsztyn, make sure to visit the Warmian Chapter Castle, the High Gate and the St James' Concathedral Basilica. Elblag, which thanks to the Elblag river and its location near the lakes and the Pomerania region, also offers many attractive places for yacht charters. Another recommended destination is Ilawa with its nearby Lake Jeziorak, which is the longest and sixth largest lake in Poland.